Tiny House Sleeping

Living in an 732 square fohome.jpgot home built in 1893 with a baby is… a challenge. The floor is thin between us and the crawl space, and the windows are old, so it gets cold in the winter (which is when we brought out newborn home). We had our furnace running constantly and a space heater (things we should have thought about before: insulating better!). Luckily, she liked being swaddled in her fleece sleepers, so we managed!

What was really an issue that we didn’t really realize would be such a big one:
light sleeper + old wood SQUEAKY floor = disaster!

Actually, any movement causing a noise whatsoever (cat meowing, mail being delivered…) was enough to wake her up. There were the few, rare occasions where she slept longer than usual and we’d be hungry so we’d start cooking. Our kitchen is right next to the bedroom, so the blender would be whirring at top speed and she’d sleep through it! I finally understand the saying “slept like a baby” otherwise, that statement is utterly false.

She isn’t a newborn anymore and she is a better sleeper, but our cat knows what noises to make to wake her up, and if dad’s office chair squeaks loudly or I sneeze, whatever… it still wakes her up!

I’m proud to live in a tiny house, yet I’m jealous of people who can quietly walk away from their sleeping child without thinking about it… as I tip toe only on certain parts of the floor I know to be quiet, like some sort of puzzle, swearing (internally) when I make a misstep. When we’ve visited friends, I’ve marveled at their quiet, carpeted floor. Look — I can walk anywhere, no noise!!

I’m jealous of couples who can snuggle on the sofa, after the kids have gone to bed, and watch a movie together. We haven’t done that since she was born! We’d have to watch the movie muted, since our bedroom is RIGHT NEXT to the living room. That’s no fun. We did just purchase a split cord so we can both plugin our headphones and watch a movie together that way.  😀  But I’m worried I won’t hear her cry out, so I’m going to have mine off one ear, of course (will dad? doubtful). I haven’t really missed movies, since I’ve enjoyed catching up on my reading, but I’m starting to feel out of the loop!

Then there is all the STUFF. We were going to be minimal parents and not get a lot of stuff. We did ok until we were sleep deprived. You’ll try anything then! We ended up with a swing and rocker, neither of which worked well (swing was more successful). In case we have baby #2, I’m saving a lot of stuff… which takes up room… let’s just say I’ve gotten really good at organizing and piling tubs of clothes, etc, behind furniture and in the few closets we have. Every inch is being used.

Even tinier house living with a baby can be done… but just be prepared to be creative on the fly and really, really quiet.

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